Telegram: new update includes improved video stickers, reactions and more
Telegram for beginners: how to use the messenger

Telegram is getting a major update. This includes new features such as video stickers, improved reactions, and a new navigation menu.

Telegram is getting a new update.

Telegram is getting a new update. (Source: Telegram)

  • The Telegram messaging app is updated.
  • This includes new features such as video stickers and improved reactions.
  • The update is already available for iOS and Android.

The Telegram messaging app is updated. This includes a large number of new functions. You can now use enhanced reactions and send video stickers.

Like Telegram in private blog Reports, you can create video posters by yourself using any video editing software. These stickers require less than 30KB of mobile data size.

you can do it bot stickers Also publish your own sticker packs or add new ones from others. Developers can also use the label import interface for APIs that can create and import labels.

Improved feedback

Feedback is now displayed with thumbnail animation. To send a larger reaction, press and hold the react button. Five new reactions are also included in the update. You can also send your reactions as interactive emojis.

If you are going through many unread messages, channels or chats, you can now press and hold the back button to go back to a specific chat.

Bug fixes included in the update

The update also fixed some bugs. Among other things, the call quality has been improved, there is support for subtitles on the quick view pages and there is now the possibility to send silent messages from the share menu.

You can download the update for iOS and Android via the app or Google Play Store.

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