Today, Wednesday, there is the penultimate free game in Epic Games StoreThis is part of christmas promotion It will be abandoned this year. Until the reveal at 5 p.m., Epic Games once again kept a secret about the title. Once again, however, the insider was deal deals page Absolutely correct with the prediction.

What’s the next free game on the Epic Games Store?

All users can now subscribe to 24 hours full version of Salt and sanctuary Download for PC absolutely free. On Thursdays at 5 p.m., the last giveaway from the promo will be on the Epic Games Store. If you add today’s title to your library, you can also play it at no additional cost after the free period ends.

A hard action RPG in a two-dimensional perspective

Salt and Sanctuary can be described as a mixture of Metroid, Castlevania, and Dark Souls. The Ska Studios title presents you with challenging challenges over and over again. Salt and Sanctuary was first published over five years ago. We also have them in those days Test Take a closer look at the action RPG.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Christmas Show on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games has one final giveaway planned for tomorrow, Thursday. In addition to Salt and Sanctuary now available, users were able to look forward to many more games in December. Highlights here have included titles like Shenmue 3, Control, Loop Hero, Vampyr, and Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden.

according to the current Information The name of the game that will be available at the end of the promotion is already known. must be around Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Edition Act. The group should be freely available for a longer period of time.

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those: Epic Games Store

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