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Black hole: light detected on the back

Black hole: light detected on the back


First discovered: light from the back of a black hole

This novelty was discovered on the back of a black hole.

This novelty was discovered on the back of a black hole.

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30.07.2021 – 14:01

Researchers have detected light for the first time behind a black hole. This also confirmed Einstein’s theory of relativity.

There has been research on black holes for years. However, it is still a mystery and hides a number of secrets. Now researchers have made an exciting discovery that may lead to more ideas. For the first time he was behind one Black hole Light is detected.

This is the new discovery behind a black hole

Researchers from Stanford University did not necessarily expect this. A research team led by astrophysicist Dan Wilkins has detected or proven light behind a black hole for the first time. The X-rays they picked up came from the far side of the black hole.

The mass of a black hole is so compressed that not even light can escape its gravity. But now, the black hole’s gravitational force has bent the light in such a way that it reaches us and the researchers have been able to catch the light.

Specifically, it is the black hole, which is located in the center of the galaxy I Zwicky 1, which is about 800 million light-years away from us. The interesting discovery made by Wilkins’ team was observed using the XMM-Newton and NuStAR X-ray telescopes.

Albert Einstein was right

The research team’s findings were published in the journal Nature . chest That the captured light was a kind of echo from directly observed radiation bursts.

The discovery is so amazing because this phenomenon shouldn’t actually be possible: “Any light entering this black hole does not go out, so we shouldn’t be able to see anything behind the black hole,” says Wilkins in an official announcement from Stanford University. quoted. From this point of view, the wise man was right many years ago.

With the discovery of Wilkins and Company, Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity was confirmed. This states, among other things, that spacetime must be so strong that the light coming from the back of the black hole is deflected in such a way that it is visible from the front.

Light on the back of a black hole: This could lead to more visions

Among other things, the research team’s discovery could reveal more about the origin of the black hole. In addition, other researchers believe that they may have discovered the first black hole.

Sources: Nature.com, Stanford University

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