RPG Gnosia will be released for this year's popular social opponent for PC Steam • JPGAMES.DE

Social antagonist RPG Gnosia can be described as a little surprise, as there weren’t many people who were on the plan before its release. But both the press (you can find our tester here) and the players received Gnosia Very good grades. So far only available for the Nintendo Switch (and in Japan for the PS Vita), a PC release is now imminent.

Playism publisher and developer Petit Depotto announced that Gnosia will be released for PC-Steam later this year. This app will also provide English language options.

Pretend to be human

A homosexual lie. Pretend to be human. They approach them, cheat, deceive, and ultimately annihilate anyone around them. One victim at a time. Who are these Gnosia? Why are they attacking?

This is what your spaceship crew is trying to figure out. But which of the crew can you trust? Is Gnosia on board, too? The suspects are placed in a cold sleep. But are you guilty, too?

Gnosia is a text-based adventure game that combines elements of visual novel, RPG and deduction elements. Greetings from among us! Below you can see a new trailer that you can use to get an idea.

Across Jimatsu, Bildmaterial: Gnosia, Playism, Betty Dipoto

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