Kohfeldt-Aus comes too late: Werder's loyalty ends in complete panic

Werder Bremen on the brink of the Bundesliga. Landing is still possible, but Florian Kohfeldt is no longer responsible. The coach has to give way to club legend. But one question remains: why only now?

Werder Bremen did things Werder Bremen. On the field, because the Bundesliga team is once again heading towards relegation. And off the field, because the club withstood outside criticism. Once again – as always. Many said the coach has to go. But Florian Kohfeldt had the confidence of the club and remained, as is often the case, the coaches before him benefiting from the calm and serenity of the Hanseatic League. Loyalty to Reducing Pain – and Beyond.

In DFB-Pokal he finally got clean, the semifinal finish against RB Leipzig after extra time was by no means disgraceful. Success you allowed yourself to go blind. Because things have gone less and less in the league. After this round of 33, Werder Bremen is back again to 16th. A day of matches left and possibly relegation.

So, a maximum of three matches will be decided on the German national team remaining in the league. Suddenly the panic became great. And forget about loyalty. It continues without Florian Kohfeldt. The pain threshold was greatly exhausted, and executive intervention was necessary – long overdue. What cannot be ignored from the outside, must now also be accepted internally. An awakening of panic. “The latest developments and the deficit that was noticeable on the pitch in Augsburg made us believe that the team has lost faith in the current constellation,” said Frank Bowman, sporting director at Sport 1 One to Two.

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Deja Vu was shocked

The loyalty that Werder is valued for is the club’s loss. Bowman & Co. have shut their eyes off reality for a long time. Bremen has been playing for weeks, well, months, bad, it doesn’t seem like the team can do more, even if its commitment in principle is undeniable. A 2-0 defeat is the eighth in the ninth game, with only a draw to break this negative streak.

Landing again, last-minute rescue again? Still possible, but not again with Kohfeldt. Bremen’s long-standing indecision must now be eliminated by someone who knows Bremen’s loyalty well: Thomas Schaff – from 1999 to 2013 permanent coach of the Green-Whites, he returned to the club in 2018 as coach. In 1999 Schaff took over from failed Felix Magath three days before the end of the match. He won two victories – and Werder remained in the first division.

Is this a good omen? Well, this time Schaff has less time: a final against Borussia Moenchengladbach in Round 34. Meanwhile, from Bremen’s point of view, Bielefeld should not beat Stuttgart, nor Cologne against the Schalke players who have already passed. Panic could have appeared too late in Verder’s Executive Suite. Loyalty now behaves like snoring noses. And this definitely isn’t supposed to be a thing from Werder Bremen.


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