Home Top News Fires in North America: Firefighters on the Edge of Their Power

Fires in North America: Firefighters on the Edge of Their Power

Fires in North America: Firefighters on the Edge of Their Power

Fires in North America
Firefighters are at the edge of their strengths

Fires in Canada and the United States continue to burn and cannot be controlled. Thousands of firefighters are on duty. Extreme temperatures in the coming days may exacerbate the situation.

Ongoing intense wildfires in the western United States and Canada are pushing firefighters to the limits. Although they had to fight many of the fires themselves, California authorities have promised to send reinforcements to the approximately 2,100 firefighters currently deployed in neighboring southern Oregon against the so-called illegal fire. In the Canadian eastern province of Ontario, firefighters were hoping to get reinforcements from Mexico.

The illegal fire is currently the largest fire in the USA. There was an area at least the size of New York City on fire. Only seven percent of them have been contained, according to the authorities’ website Insioweb mentioned. It is said that, due to the heat, drought and wind, the flames expanded greatly. So at least 20 homes were destroyed.

Serious lightning strikes ضربات

Authorities have warned that several “fire clouds” currently extending for miles into the air could lead to lightning strikes and “fire tornadoes”. “We had record heat and worst possible conditions simultaneously,” Susan Florey, a spokeswoman for the US Forest Service, told The Oregonian. .

Meanwhile, California weather authorities have warned of several dry thunderstorms and dangerous lightning strikes. While evacuating several areas, the Department of Homeland Security assured all undocumented immigrants in the area not to be afraid to seek help. There are no controls in the areas where emergency and disaster assistance is provided.

In Canada, authorities are expecting extreme temperatures from Alberta to Ontario in the coming days. Bad air quality warnings were issued in four western provinces. According to scientists, current heat waves are unimaginable without climate change.

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