Take Me Out XXL Hammer: Valentine is looking for a date with the Twin!

Single ladies thought for a moment, they’ve seen twice! Tuesday night, Take Me Out XXL premiered when Valentine introduced himself: He wasn’t looking for a date for himself, but for his brother Nicholas! The 30 women were somewhat skeptical about this procedure, and in the end only 17 of them were interested in getting to know the Munich man. When he next took the stage, the women had a big surprise: Nicola is the twin brother of Valentine’s Day!

“You don’t see twice, I’m Valentine’s twin brother,” Nicola joked, before trying to persuade the ladies with an interlude dance – but unfortunately his dance moves were not met with enthusiasm among the girls. All 17 remaining student flew! Using his twin did not pay off, and the avid tennis player had to go home alone. Moderator Jan Koppen, 38, tried to cheer him up after he was turned down and advised: “Don’t take it too seriously.”

But what did the women not like about Nicholas? For a single lady Liliana, twins are absolutely a taboo. She’s afraid she might mistakenly kiss the wrong brother if she doesn’t put her contact lenses on.

Jan Coben with the women of “Take Me Out”
Nicholas, "Take Me Out XXL"Candidate 2021

Instagram / Nicola Marlon

Nicholas Take Me Out XXL -Canadians 2021
Liliana on set "Take Me Out XXL" In July 2021

Instagram / amilianaferrara

Liliana on the set of “Take Me Out XXL” in July 2021
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