'Celebrity Big Brother' 2021: Really Psychic!  This TV star is moving in with PBB

On August 6, 2021, the ninth season of “Celebrity Big Brother” will begin on Saturday. – There is not only one reality TV star or another, but also an esoteric expert who would do harm to Astro TV.

On August 6, the gates to the “Promi Big Brother” 2021 TV container will open.
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Countdown to “Celebrities” Big brother2021 is on: On August 6, a new band of trash celebs will move to Germany’s most famous TV prison, and with PBB season 9, the summer slump will come. Saturday 1 stopper. At first, the station was silent about stars and stars daring to enter the container, but the rumor mill had long since boiled.

“Celebrity Big Brother” 2021: There are rumors swirling around co-stars and co-stars

allegedly, So Bild speculated weeks before the start of broadcastingHe’s supposed to love reality TV stars Daniela Buchner And Melanie Muller As well as sports aces Eric Senderman and Mary Lang as a participant in “Brumi’s older brother2021 is already fixed. There have also been rumors that former ‘bachelor’ Andre Mangold, pop star Christina Mai, influencer Elena Campin or DSDS siren Melody Haas could start at PBB 2021.

Astro-TV fortune-teller Daniel Krebish becomes nominee for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

As an exciting new candidate for the garbage TV scene in the summer of 2021, a true psychological character has also been traded. Once again it was ‘Bild’ announced by Danielle Krebish as the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ candidate – the candidate’s rumor was confirmed shortly thereafter by Sabbath 1. Anyone who has a weak point in astrology, connections from the other world and his associates, has already crossed over” Astro TV”, will recognize this 38-year-old immediately.

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Serious advice or a rip-off? Daniel Krebish asks esoteric fans out

As can be read on Daniel Kreibich’s website, the “European star clairvoyant, mediocrity and life coach” claims to have discovered his talent for clairvoyance at the age of seven. Krebic has been in front of the camera for a channel specializing in spirituality and esotericism since 2007. In addition, the 38-year-old presents programs outside the TV show Consultation by phone or video chat – At prices between 150 and 550 euros (for phone calls between 30 and 180 minutes) or 249 euros for an hour of a video call, however, it’s not a bargain.

TV fortune teller scorn: ‘Kalkofes Mattscheibe’ and ‘Switch Reloaded’ pull Daniel Kreibich through cocoa

Despite the loyal fan base of Daniel Kreibich, the TV astro star has always offered plenty of parody potential for comedians and Catherines. For example, Kreibich, among others, who gives not only advice on life in the esoteric announcer, but also spiritual accessories at dubious prices was sold “Switch Reloaded” And Kalkoves screen Dragging cocoa mercilessly. And who knows, if the rumors about the participation of “Celebrity Big Brother” come true, the satirical stars will certainly have a good load of new material to tackle …

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