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On Thursday, August 5, the French President confirmed that his government is preparing to organize a campaign to promote a vaccine against Covid. in September ‘, in September, for’ The most fragile and the oldest ».

Officially, this is just a new video on Instagram dedicated to the questions of the French about the management of the Covid epidemic. This time, Emmanuel Macron answers the question of the need for a third dose of the vaccine. “ Yes, you will probably take a third dose, not for everyone right away, but in any case for the elderly and the most fragile. […], at this point, but we’re learning at every step He explained during a new video clip filmed in Photograph From Fort Brégançon (south), the summer residence of French heads of state. He had already announced, on July 12, the principle of a readmission campaign for the most vulnerable, as other countries, such as Israel, are doing on July 30.

Beat the call of the World Health Organization

In early August, Germany announced that, from September 1, it will provide a booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to the elderly and at-risk populations, as well as to people who have not received a messenger RNA vaccine. In response, the World Health Organization on Wednesday called for this third dose to be halted until the end of September to allow for better distribution of vaccines. The United States rejected the appeal, which it said ” no need “The choice between giving a third dose to its citizens or donating it to poor countries. Paris could have played at the same table: Emmanuel Macron did not hint at the WHO’s invitation. However, the French president has defended the Covax programme, which aims to equitably distribute vaccine doses. Thus, France committed to providing 60 million doses. The AstraZeneca vaccines received by France are now reserved for Covax, due to a lack of support from the population.

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In France, the exact range of people who will be offered a booster vaccine at the beginning of the school year must be subject to arbitration. next week The Ministry of Health announced Tuesday. Currently, the third dose is only recommended for people who are immunosuppressed, such as those who have had a transplant.

Since Monday, the head of state has been publishing on social networks, including Instagram and TikTok, which are widely watched by young people, educational explanations about the vaccine, while Mandatory health permit It extended to new public spaces, including cafes and restaurants – subject to ratification of the law by the Constitutional Council, which verdict is expected during the day.

In France, approximately 54% of the population (over 67 million people) now has a full vaccination schedule. At the same time, the number of people hospitalized with infection continued to increase in recent days, as a result of severe infection of the delta variant. In total, more than 112,000 people have officially died of Covid in France since the start of the epidemic

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