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The Constitutional Council gives the green light to the health card for large gatherings

On Monday, May 31, the Constitutional Council approved the “health passport” project stipulated in the law regulating the gradual exit from the state of health emergency. This will be the device It is limited to large gatheringsLike festivals, and subject to a series of measures that limit attacks on individual freedoms. Access to major events will require more than 1,000 people according to the government’s plan Submit a negative result for a virus test, proof of vaccination, or a certificate of recovery after contamination.

The “wise men” were taken over by the deputies of the left (German Democratic Republic, LFI, SOC), considering that the bill gave “Very important powers in the government on very vague and imprecise grounds.”. By preserving the application of disputed rulings in cases of large gatherings of people, the legislator, who was not obliged to set a specific, quantitative minimum, did not ignore the extent of his competence.The council confirms in a press release. It considers that the concept of recreational activity, which is restricted to traffic, “It is neither inaccurate nor vague” And the “It excludes in particular political, trade union or religious activity”.

The Constitutional Council gave the green light to the entirety of this law that organizes the transitional system for the state of health emergency. The text should take effect beginning of June and ending on September 30thNot at the end of October as the executive wanted.

Reservation of the data collected

But the “Elders of Montpensier Street” match one standard of text Interpretation reserve. This includes integrating data collected as part of the information systems in place to combat the epidemic, such as TousAntiCovid, into the national health data system. The Constitutional Council decides that to avoid grievances about respecting the right to privacy, authorities must exclude telephone or electronic contact information of interested parties from the national health data system. This does not actually contain the individuals’ names and surnames or their registration number in the National Identification Index for Natural Persons or their addresses.

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