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Yochen Sharroub sermons from his friend

After two years of their love stroll, Jochen Sharrab and his friend want to open a new chapter: the couple want to get married. The first ideas for a wedding are already in place.

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Jochen Shroub said in the summer of 2018: “I am gay.” With these words, the supervisor announced his homosexuality. Two years later his friend showed up for the first time. Now the couple dares to take the next step: the two want to say yes. The TV star has revealed this now in his “Knall & Tüte” podcast.

“Did you already know that I am engaged?” Interviewer asked 42-year-old Lars Tunisfuerborn in the final episode. “I’m getting this out of here now. I’ve been engaged since last year – first shutdown.” However, participation was not planned. But far from it. The “application” came out somewhat spontaneously.

“Yes, then we should get married too.”

“One evening we had two friends as guests – two lesbians. Then it was all about love and what we have in each other,” Jochen Shrub continued. “Then we said again that we are very happy to have each other, and then one of us said, ‘Yes, we should get married too.’

The question is not asked of all questions. However, both of them agree: They want to seal their love with a word of approval. Jochen Shrub and his partner already know where this needs to happen. They want to marry in Cape Town, where their love started.

Jochen Shroub celebrated his exit in 2018 with a message in “Stern”, while writing: “I will be 40 this year and I don’t want to hide anymore.” Above all, the TV star wants to “encourage others to stand alone” for a walk, which he emphasizes especially in his message. Because: “We can only make progress on this issue if people open their mouths. And now I am.”

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