Olympic Village: Australians riot and kidnap mascots - excess alcohol on the return trip

Australian Olympic athletes rioted in Olympic Village and kidnapped a kangaroo mascot.

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Australian Olympic athletes have over-parted in the Olympic Village and on the return trip. A stolen life-size amulet suddenly appeared in a German village.

TOKYO – Australian athletes cross bars at the Olympics* and wreak havoc on the Olympic village. Many crashed during the wet and happy feast, until two life-size amulets were removed. On the return flight from Tokyo, more alcoholic drink adventures caused problems.

Olympia: Australians devour rooms and beds – ‘kidnapped’ mascots appear in a German village

Australian athletes rioted in the Olympic Village before leaving Tokyo and destroyed beds in their rooms. Holes were drilled in the walls, and the rooms were left desolate. After the party, two life-size mascots, the emu and the kangaroo, were lost. The amulet reappeared, and it was found in the German part of the village. We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Germany,” said Australian Head Chef, Ian Chesterman.

He asked to understand that the beds and walls had been damaged. The beds are made of cardboard and the walls are very thin. “Some young people got it wrong,” Chesterman said. “It’s a book as old as time: The good young man makes mistakes. Chapter Two: The good young man is full of regret. Chapter Three: The good young man learns from wrong and becomes a better person.” Because the athletes have apologized, there will be no disciplinary action at least from the Australian NOK.

this is unacceptable. Few people damage the reputation of an entire team that represents us here with pride.

Ian Chesterman, Australian Head Chef

Olympia: Australians celebrate wild liquor party on return flight – they vomit in the toilet on the plane

But to make matters worse, the festivities continued on the flight home last Thursday. The athletes are said to have drunk “excessively” in some cases, and one of them vomited in the on-board toilet. this is unacceptable. “A few people damage the reputation of an entire team that represents us here with pride,” Chesterman said.

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Japan Airlines (JAL) has written to the Australian Olympic Committee about the behavior after the flight to Sydney. Japan Airlines advised us that team members drank excessively and did not heed the crew’s advice. “They disturbed the other passengers, too,” Chesterman said.

At least one athlete vomited into the toilet, which remained unusable for the remainder of the ten-hour journey. On board the ship were a total of 49 athletes from nine sports, and according to Chesterman, the troublemakers were all from the rugby *or football* team. Perhaps rugby and football players should take as an example a diver who finds relaxation with an unusual hobby. (ck / sid) * tz.de is a display of IPPEN.MEDIA


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