Daniel Hartwich sheds tears after this letter
Daniel Hartwich says goodbye as a jungle camp superintendent.

Daniel Hartwich says goodbye as a jungle camp superintendent.rtl screenshot

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Daniel Hartwich will no longer run Jungle Camp with Sonia Zittlow. Already during the fifteenth season, the 43-year-old hinted at his exit from the trash fair with jokes, it is now certain. His farewell to “I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!” He explained in a press release personal reasons. He added that since his children will be of school age in the future, his family can no longer accompany him to the jungle camp.

On “I’m A Star – Get Me Out Of Here! The Consequences” Daniel made his last appearance as a camp coordinator in the woods alongside Sonia Zeitlow on Sunday. As a farewell, Daniel addressed touching words to the co-curator, who couldn’t hold back her tears at the show. And there was a special message waiting for Daniel too

Daniel Hartwich addresses Sonya Zittlow with powerful words

First, Daniel Hartwich told viewers that he would have liked to personally announce his departure on this show, “but a newspaper spoiled it for me. Then he said: “I want to focus on saying thank you today, but thanking everyone who deserves it can fill the show, so I want to focus on the people who matter most.” He then thanked RTL’s Head of Entertainment and the authors, among other things.

Sonia Zitlow breaks down in tears when Daniel says goodbye.

Sonia Zitlow breaks down in tears when Daniel says goodbye.rtl screenshot

Then he addressed the audience with his words: “I know that I participated in the program under the most unfavorable circumstances. You know that was a sad cause.” At that time Daniel replaced the deceased Dirk Bach as supervisor. In this context, he told Sonia Zeitlow:

Then a video of Daniel’s best moments in Al-Ghab camp was shown. In addition, said Dr. Bob’s word:

“My wife told me to describe you in three words: You are professional, strong, courteous, you really are. I wish you and your family all the best.”

At that moment it was all over for Daniel, and tears welled up in his eyes as well. Visibly moved, Sonya could say no more than: “Thank you for nine unforgettable years.”

Dr. Bob said goodbye to Daniel Hartwich with touching words.

Dr. Bob said goodbye to Daniel Hartwich with touching words. rtl

Big guesswork on Daniel Hartwich’s successor

But who would be the perfect successor to Daniel Hartwich? Several names of potential successors are already being discussed. Chris Tal is supposed to be the new jungle camp superintendent, but he denied the corresponding rumors. But also Lutz van der Horst, Ralph Schmitz, Oliver Bucher and Jan Coben have already been treated as favorites by spectators and fans.

It is not yet clear who will run the Jungle Festival alongside Sonia Zittlow in the future. Marcus Kuttner, Head of Entertainment, RTL, said in a press release: That “good first talks have already taken place”.


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