Home entertainment Stefan Raab Sinks Down: TV’s Third Flop Looms – Show Canceled

Stefan Raab Sinks Down: TV’s Third Flop Looms – Show Canceled

Stefan Raab Sinks Down: TV’s Third Flop Looms – Show Canceled

Stephen Rapp’s “FameMaker” Voiceover Now Canceled? (Photo montage)

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Is Stefan Rapp’s TV career finally over? FameMaker will now be canceled.

Cologne – At the moment, things don’t look very rosy for “TV-Total” star Stefan Raab (54) * in the world of television *. After the late-night show “Daily Freshly Roasted” (RTL) with Twitch Jens legend “Knossi” Knossalla (34) the second edition of “Free European Song Contest” (FreeESC) was canceled, only half of the ratings from the previous year arrived, The next offer can now be canceled. Additional information * Reports.

ProSieben * “Fame Maker” with Luke Mockridge (32), Carolin Kebekus (41), Teddy Teclebrhan (37) on the jury and Conchita Wurst (32) as presenter, will not continue after Season 1. ProSieben first broadcast the show only last year. Despite initial enthusiasm, the show never reached an audience rating of over 1.3 million. Now the question that arises is whether there will be a second season of “Fame Maker” or whether the second Stefan Raab Show will also be canceled.

“Sits in the direction and eats potatoes” – RTL shoots Stefan Raab and Knossi *

ProSieben does not comment on FameMaker

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A ProSieben press spokesperson commented on this question to BILD: “We will announce in due course when the next season of FameMaker is on ProSieben.” But he did not disclose any more accurate details. It was not possible to confirm whether another season would be or not.

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FameMaker Radio Silence: No Home Page, No Appointments

The official main page of the offer has also been offline for several weeks which means you cannot apply at all at the moment. If you try the old-fashioned method and try to arrange a dispatch over the phone, that won’t work either, either because the automatic bar is greeting you or an employee indicates that there are currently no send dates.

All in all, very strange and mysterious. So it remains to be seen if there will be another season of the hilarious audio show. Until then, Stefan Raab is still in the director’s chair and “eats potatoes”.

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