Classic Christmas movies like “The Little Lord” are broadcast every year during the Christmas season. A glimpse of “The Little Lord” Christmas broadcast dates.

Perhaps one of the most famous Christmas movies of all time: “The Little Lord” flashes on German TV screens every year around Christmas time. This year too, fans of the touching family movie can feel nostalgic again. The 1980 film will also be broadcast on public service in 2021. Broadcast dates:

the first:

  • 17. December 2021 at 8:15 pm
  • 26. December at 3:05 pm

“The Little Lord” at ARD Media Library or on Netflix, Amazon and Co.

The movie will also be available in ARD’s media library regardless of broadcast dates. The classic movie is also available on related streaming platforms. employment Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Magenta Television You can watch “Little Lord”. For this purpose, a rental or movie purchase fee is required.

in the last year birthday The film “The Little Lord” was seen by a large number of viewers on television: about 7.45 million people watched it on Christmas 2020.

The ‘Little God’ is a cult – and sends a message that never gets old

The cult movie has everything you need for an emotional TV experience. This is combined with values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are especially important at Christmas: love, friendship, tolerance and family.

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The movie is about the little boy Cedric Erroll – aka Ceddie (Ricky Schroder). His grandfather, Earl Dorncourt (Alec Guinness), is old and bitter and prefers to be alone and unfazed. In order to preserve his legacy, his grandson ordered my lord from New York to England to train him to be a noble. The little boy is supposed to become the heir to Dorincourt Castle one day.

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Video: AFP

Sir’s mother (Connie Booth) is a widow and is not particularly popular with her father-in-law. The bona fide boy had no idea about this at first. He loves his grandfather, even if he wasn’t really friendly with his grandson at first. With his open and loving style, little Ceddie wins the old man’s heart little by little – until an intimate connection is established between the two.

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