The big hope in fighting the pandemic – CureVac – is currently bracing for a real rush for its active ingredient CVnCoV. And that can happen very, very quickly now. Because the biotech company expects EMA approval as early as June. Until then, CureVac will use the time to dramatically expand its production capacity.

As company spokeswoman Sarah Fakih told the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, CureVac is fully working to open additional production facilities with partners in a strong network. Among other things, the Tübingen-based company is working with pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which plans to start production in the second half of the year. Another partner is British world player GlaxoSmithKline.

Recommendation to investors: But despite this enormous potential, investors should definitely not buy stocks blindly now. So we took a closer look at the CureVac stake and identified potential entry scenarios. As an exception, you can download this analysis for free on Sunday. Just click here.

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