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There is a new step in the best French league: Lily eliminates last three-time champions Paris Saint-Germain.

Three cluttered lily players.


After recovering 2-0 for Lilly

Goalscorer Brock Yilmas (left) celebrates with his teammates Renato Sanchez (center) and Youssef Yassi.


Lille took the final step to win the League 1 title by beating the Angers 2-1. Jonathan David set the curriculum early and took the lead 10 minutes later. With a half-time whistle, Brock Yilmas increased the lead to 2-0 from the penalty spot. There was no sign of the nerves fluttering in the north of France, because the connection fell deep only at the time of stopping the target.

So a 2-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain in Table-16. Brest is out of action in the 38th and final championship round. Capital is one point behind the leading runner-up with Christoph Calder and has lost its dominance in the country.

Lille last appeared in 2011 and 1933 for the first time

PSG has recently won 3 consecutive championship trophies and won the title 7 times since 2013. But now Lily is in power – for the first time in exactly 10 years. In all, the OSC, which became the country’s first official champion in 1933, has five championship titles.

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