Goku vs Klass - Duel around the world: Johannes Ording suspects evil

‘Goku vs Klaas – Duels around the world’: Johannes Oerding suspected of evil – ‘Oh, damn it’

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a fan favorite

TV Total: This is how Stefan Raab made the show a fan favorite

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On ProSieben It’s time again Saturday evening: it’s time again Goku vs classThen “who – which Duel around the world“hanging.

at “who – which Duel around the world“Kicks Goku vs class at. Both are based on a celebrity team. Also present this time: Johannes Oerding, Kevin Groskreutz, Colin Ulmen-Fernandez and Riccardo Simonetti.

‘Goku vs. Klass – Duel around the World’: Johannes Oerding is completely clueless

Kevin Großkreutz travels to the USA for Team Joko and reenacts Willhelm Tell’s fairy tale, Riccardo Simonetti attempts water skiing for Joko in Greenland and Collien Ulmen-Fernandes is sent to a bat cave in Mexico for Team Klaas.


These are Goku and Klas:


Johannes Oerding is fourth in the group. The singer travels to the United States for Klass. There, his task seems at first easy to carry out. Well, Goku made fun of him and he has to record the radio play “Johan’s Grumbler and the Ugly Little Voice”. It sounds disgusting, but it’s not difficult at the moment.

“Goku vs. Klass – Duel around the World”: Johannes Oerding suspects evil

But viewers of “Dueling Around the World” will know that it can’t be all of this with a long shot. Johannes Ording listens to the instructions on the cassette and drives into the desert with the team.

+++ Joko and Klaas go straight to Ukraine’s lair – “I’m in tears” +++

When a huge hot-air balloon suddenly approaches, Johannes Oerding is already having bad thoughts. He says, “Oh my God.” “It soon became clear to me: This is not going to be a simple hot air balloon ride. The story is not over yet.


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More news about Joko and Klaas:


What Goku eventually planned for a bad job for Johannes Oerding and whether he succeeded, you can see on Saturday night from 8:15pm on ProSieben. (FS)


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