Songwriter Konstantin Wicker speaks out against the black and green

“We see in Austria what comes out when green and black come together,” German songwriter Konstantin Wicker said in an interview.

2.33 PM, June 12, 2021


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Green-Turquoise did not find his approval: Konstantin Wecker © FOTOKERSCHI.AT/WERNER KERSCHBAUM

Songwriter Konstantin Wicker (74) Few believed an intergovernmental coalition of CDU/CSU and the Greens in Germany aimed at Austria. “We see in Austria what appears when green and black combine – it’s not fun,” said the Augsburger Allgemeine musician in Munich. The self-proclaimed anarchist wants the old Greens back. The current party also lacks pacifism.

“If the Greens could think of the times when they were still laughing, when they sat down with Heinrich Böll and Petra Kelly and with me — that would be very cool.Wicker was quoted as saying, “Everything is unreal. Here we see again: It’s about power,” Wicker also criticized. He himself is “more anarchist than ever” today, even if in previous years he campaigned for PDS (successor to the German Democratic Republic SED, he noted) and later for the left. Reason: “Because I doubt all ideologies.”

In Germany, the new German parliament will be elected in the fall. A black and green alliance is considered possible. In opinion polls, the CDU/CSU and the Greens currently rank first.

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