This is what Simone Thomalla wants from a new partner!

She has accurate ideas! A few months ago, Simon Thomala (56 years old) surprised her fans with unpleasant news: after twelve years, the actress broke up with her boyfriend, Silvio Heinfetter (37 years old) by mutual agreement. Since then, 32-year-old Sophia Tomala’s mother has been enjoying her solo presence to the fullest. But she also wouldn’t have anything against a new partner on her side. reveals in an interview Simon Well how should this be!

in conversation with photo on sunday The 56-year-old talks candidly about her idea of ​​the man of her dreams. “Just because I look strong on the outside, I also want a partner with whom I can put the wand and tell me where to go. I don’t need anyone to be by my side seven days a week”, explains the face of the TV and adds, “And it is very important for me to immediately discuss any problems that arise with each other. Only the speakers can be helped!”

But not only expressing desires in relation to a new partner Simon, the actress also reflects on how their past relationships fell apart. “Unfortunately, the amount of time we spent together was often very small, which in principle could lead to the termination of any relationship at some point.”She completes. But the Leipzig woman does not want to bury her head in the sand – a new love is often more of a surprise than you think.

Simon Thomala and Silvio Heinfetter 2010

Instagram / simonethomalla

Simon Thomala in November 2020
Sophia and Simon Thomala in December 2020

Instagram / simonethomalla

Sophia and Simon Thomala in December 2020
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