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The movie begins – in the cinema: children, talking animals and permanent depression

Boss Baby – No more babysitting. Sequel to the hit 2017 movie: Baby Corp. He is now a successful businessman. But old Ted barely has time for his two young daughters Tabitha and Tina or his brother Tim. But children’s agent Tina rejuvenates the brothers with a new mission – and the status quo returns to what it once was.

Magical Animal School. After moving in, Ida initially had a hard time at the new school. She is given a magical animal at her side: an adorable, sweet, talking fox. Gregor Schnitzler adapted the first part of the Margit Orr book series.

He flies. Bex (Svenja Jung) is in prison. There, the 20-year-old has to struggle through a rehab program. This is despite the fact that trainer Ava (Yasmine Tabatabai) is trying to awaken her passion for dancing within herself and with the rest of the inmates.

Ice road. An action-packed quest: Veteran truck driver Mike McCann (Liam Neeson) and his brother Gorty (Marcus Thomas) set out with a team of other drivers (Lawrence Fishburne, Amber Midthunder) to rescue the victims of the diamond mine. The mission becomes a race against time.

Everything that makes us happy. As children, Giulio (Pierrancesco Favino), Gemma (Micaela Ramazotti), Paolo (Kim Rossi Stewart), and Riccardo (Claudio Santamaria) were one heart and one soul. But life led them to move away from each other in adulthood. Gabriel Moschino’s drama asks fundamental questions in life.

Now or tomorrow. Director Lisa Webber is a family that lives from day to day, without goals, without commitment, without hope for change. Daily life consists of brushing your teeth, smoking, couch and cell phone. It is a lot of despair.

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