Ikke Hüftgold has a new girlfriend: she's only 21 and a student!

Ikke Hüftgold introduces his new girlfriend: a student 24 years younger than him.

Limburg an der Lahn / Werl – Ikke Hüftgold (45) On the ninth cloud! Matthias Distel, as the Schlager star is called, has recently been in love – with a student who is 24 years younger.

Ikke Hüftgold (45) is currently on cloud nine.

Ikke Hüftgold (45) is currently on cloud nine. © Henning Kaiser / dpa

The 45-year-old proudly presented his new art exhibition partner to the musician and fellow Malle Jürgen Kadel (48, Finger & Kadel) on Friday evening in Werl (North Rhine-Westphalia).

But who is the new woman on Ikke Hüftgold’s side?

Her name is Nina, she is only 21 years old and she studies Media Management. In addition, the young woman comes from the same neighborhood in the state of Hesse. Even there, the two met each other now and then.

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But they really got to know each other at one of Ikke’s concerts, as Nina der picture He reveals, “At one point my friends forced me to go to Mathias’ party. We started talking and exchanged numbers.”

The couple have been together for five months and are extremely happy. The student continues: “I still own my apartment, but I will stay with him for five to six days, even when he is in Mallorca.”

Ikki also exclaims: “It’s great! Nina is by my side as much as possible, and I hope you stay that way.” The love goes so far that Nina actually dried the Malle singer’s trademark black wig, in the shower.

While the two share a lot in common, there are also some differences.

Ike loves the world of hit songs, but Nina isn’t a “money girl”: “This isn’t my music,” she says. Additionally, the two are separated for a full 24 years. But no problem for Ikke: “It feels like we’re only six years apart! I’ve never linked love with age, my ex was 13 years younger than me.”

Above all, it was important to him that his Queen of Hearts had a lot of understanding of his profession.

“I’m with Matthias, not Eki Hoftgold,” explains Nina, who appreciates Ike’s open and honest style.

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