Home entertainment The 14th season of ‘Daughter-in-Law Wanted’ begins

The 14th season of ‘Daughter-in-Law Wanted’ begins

The 14th season of ‘Daughter-in-Law Wanted’ begins

The RTL series “Daughter-in-Law Wanted,” now entering its 14th season with seven new episodes, is one of the longest-running formats on reality TV. At the same time, the show has always been quite controversial. Critics can not do much with her, after various scandalous stories the moral question was repeatedly raised. On the other hand, the audience remains somewhat loyal to her.

Lessons learned in RTL. For some time now, the Temperance Team and the team of people surrounding Vera Int-Veen have been swearing to hold the courtship in a less riotous manner. Indeed, the coupling should be shown “with love” – ​​certainly also to avoid new headlines.

In advance it was confirmed that the 53-year-old “in the name of love” is on the road as said in the new season announcements. This time she travels across Germany and to Luxembourg to give advice on starting a partnership to single men. And when it comes to choosing potential future husbands, of course, mothers, who can actually become mother-in-law, also have an important opinion. So far, very familiar.

Is Vera Int-Veen under surveillance?

Recently, it has been noted that RTL, under relatively new managing director Henning Tewes, is generally seeking a more discreet, family-friendly style. Polarizers such as “DSDS” and “Das Supertalent” chief Dieter Bohlen have been removed from the program. It is very likely that Vera Int-Veen is now also under special surveillance.

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