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“See how to make greens domestic”

Ramshower did not reject another crocodile. The CSU politician, however, believes the Greens can already be “grown”. If that doesn’t work, things may seem dark to Lashett.


  • Thorston Free (CDU), chairman of the union’s subcommittee

  • Peter Ramser, former CSU vice president

  • Helene Bubrowski, “Frankfurt Alzheimer’s Zeitung” journalist

  • Heiner Bremer, journalist

After the election defeat, the union is also waiting for Marcus Lance. “Marcus Soder wanted to be here today, but was canceled on short notice,” the referee announced Thursday evening. His suspicion: “Didn’t Soder already (Greens’ co-boss Robert) secretly negotiate with Habek?” “I don’t know if they’re already talking. If so: why not?” CSU player Peter Ramsour responded. He stood for his party leader and was not a fan of the Greens. Because, in his opinion, they want to command people to the smallest detail of how to live. “I’m interested in how this fits,” Ramsour said of the Jamaican alliance’s view. However, the Bundestack member will not vote against them, because the greens could already be bent: “Then you have to see how you grow them.”

However, a lot can be imagined to keep the Ramsay Union in power. How is a new giant alliance? Lance asked provocatively. “why no?” Quietly opposed the Bavarian. He did not hide his motivation to be so open-minded. “We need no opposition to regenerate,” he said, contradicting warnings from his own factions that electoral defeat would not lead to a mandate to form a government. On the contrary, he believes that the future of the union should be strengthened by relinquishing the skills that come with government responsibility. For the entertainment of the guest, Ramsar counted on Union Transport Minister Andreas Skier (CSU) for these future hopes.

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The union clung to power

According to Lance, the question of the credibility of politics arose if the union clung to power “on the curve or in the gap” after such a fall in favor of the electorate. “This idea may arise,” agreed Union Parliamentary Committee Vice-Chancellor Thorston Frey (CDU). “The communication question is whether you can manage this balancing act.” This combination and approximate combination was so common to the Christian Democrats that evening that he accurately reflected his party’s current constitution. “It wasn’t a fantastic win,” he first tried with a positive twist. Frey later admitted: “We lost dramatically.” Also: “Such a decision would not be without consequences.”

The question automatically arose for Lance: Is Armin Laschett the right party leader? “Yes, he’s the right party leader right now,” Free replied. But what if nothing comes up in Jamaica’s lifeline? “Then we must restructure ourselves completely,” replied the deputy chairman of the Union Parliamentary Committee, questioning the future of the party leader. But Free insisted: “No one has an automatic expiration date.”

The report also targeted Ralph Brinkas. The chairman of the Union Parliamentary Committee has now been re-elected – but only until April 2022, as usual, not for a year. This raises the speculation that Lashet will claim the title of opposition leader if it has nothing to do with government participation. “It must have the taste of an expiration date,” Ramser Frey contradicted. He was very surprised when the term of the parliamentary committee chairman was reduced: “I shook my head. Where are we anyway?”

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Lachet’s Review

On one question, however, two union politicians were skeptical: if Lashet had already claimed to be the chairman of the parliamentary committee, Brinkas would have preferred him and the parliamentary committee would have voted for the presidential candidate. Did Lashet make a mistake in the discount? Wanted to know from Lance Frey. “You have to evaluate it later,” he said. In his view, however, it was not Lachet’s fault that the FDP’s talks on Saturday were postponed by the union to Sunday. “I will always take the time to do this,” he said of the party leadership’s decision.

“One has the impression that this union no longer wants to rule,” said journalist Heiner Bremer. In his opinion, there is no standard plan behind this: “You never know; what the CDU really wants.” The situation of the loser is very bad. Postponement of meeting with FDP is still incomprehensible: “I do not know why more time is allowed to slip.”

His FAZ colleague Helen Bubrowski saw the same thing. In your opinion, the Union has completely lost the sense of the symbolic politics it needs. The FDP set a precedent for its part by offering talks on Saturday. The prize for the union: “We’ll sign that the FDP is the first to speak to the union. You must have that feeling.” According to Pubrovsky, this raises serious doubts about the CDU / CSU’s priorities. “What’s going on at this party where you can’t meet FDP colleagues on Saturday – even for two hours?

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