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Spotify gets polls, questions and answers

Spotify gets polls, questions and answers

Spotify brings out new features for podcasts. (Photo: Masterpiece/Shutterstock)

Podcast hosts can now ask their fans for their opinions directly on Spotify. With surveys and Q&A, Spotify wants to empower community building.

With polls and Q&A, podcast users on Spotify can now engage with their audiences. Both sides should benefit from this, Advertise Spotify: Listeners get a new, more direct relationship with the owners of the podcast. In return, producers get new insights into their community.

Live interaction while listening

Surveys, questions and answers are now available in 160 countries, including Germany. It can be seen under the respective podcast episode. There, listeners can answer directly in the app and then watch how others have voted.

Answers to questions and answers are forwarded privately to hosts only. They can then decide if they want to post specific answers under the question.

Currently, only those who create their software via Anchor can use the tools. In this video, Anchor . explains How it works.

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Interact and manipulate

Spotify has been making podcasts more interactive for a long time. A year ago, the streaming service had already tested surveys and Q&A – apparently successfully. According to Spotify, thousands of podcast owners have expressed interest in using the tools.

Hosts in the test group may ask for comments or requests for future guests, for example. Gadgets can also be used as triggers to get the listener’s attention and focus on the podcast again.

“We believe the future of podcasting is interactive,” the press release says. Podcasts are a promising opportunity to build a community. Currently, podcasts mainly use other community-building channels, such as Instagram. It remains to be seen how the new capabilities of Spotify will be used.

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