She has just returned from vacation: A woman finds a walled-up body in her apartment. News

When she returned from vacation, she was surprised by a French woman. There was a pungent smell of bleach in her kitchen, and dozens of flies were flying around the room.

I called the police. The officers examined a suspicious spot in the wall of an apartment in Livry Gargant (Paris region): 1.50 meters long, one meter high and 40 cm wide. Because it was new…

Six months ago, the French woman had left for Algeria and handed her apartment over to a couple who were supposed to renovate it during that time.

The police smashed a hole in the wall – and made a terrifying discovery! The corpse was walled up against a wall, wrapped in a blanket. Numerous larvae covered the body. According to the police, the dead man was said to have sat in a fetal position.

The autopsy has not yet revealed who he was. Officials say identification is difficult because the body is so badly decomposed.

The resident stated that she only knew the first name of the craftsman who was commissioned. Kripo is located in the upper section of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Neighbors at the house, which according to French media, were unable to provide any useful information about the suspicious couple.

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