Schalke 04: Knabel rips off the collar -

Schalke 04: After Gramuzes-Us Knebel hit the table! “The worst fairy tale”

Schalke 04: This is the Royal Blue Team of the century

Schalke 04: This is the Royal Blue Team of the century

At the beginning of 2000 FC Schalke 04 allowed its fans to vote for the Team of the Century. Knappen supporters have chosen the best players from the club’s 96-year history. We present to you every one.

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Clear advertisement from Peter Knäbel in Schalke 04!

The Royal Blues’ sporting director has successfully cleared the rumors surrounding Schalke 04 may hold stubbornly. It’s about ex-coach Dimitrios Grammozis, sporting director Rauven Schroeder and joint decision-making. But one by one.

FC Schalke 04 and Grammozes-Us

Gramozes took over the coaching position at Schalke 04 in March 2021. Schalke 04 were at the bottom of the standings in the First Division. The Grammozis couldn’t do the great miracle of staying in the league perfectly.

However, S04 stuck with it. Along with Rovern Schroeder, who came on as the new sporting director last summer, Grammozes was set to undertake a major restructuring of the team. Schalke and Grammozes’ goal this season: direct promotion.

That target had abruptly slipped a bit in the past few weeks. After the 1-1 draw in Karlsruhe and the 3-4 draw with Rostock, the gap to the climbing positions has grown to six points.

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Result: Schalke split from Grammozes. Mike Buskins will coach S04 until the end of the season.


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Schalke 04: The bad rumors persist

The rumors that have persisted about Schalke over the past few months are once again boiling again following the Grammozis split. Accordingly, Schroeder was not entirely convinced by Grammozis.

Knäbel finally got the rumor removed during the Schalke match at FC Ingolstadt. “It’s one of the most horrific fairy tales ever to have spread to Schalke,” said Sky’s S04 sporting director.

Knabel explained, “We always make all the decisions together. Of course, Roven had not joined the club when I signed Demi with complete conviction. But then we made all the decisions together.”

“It’s a fairy tale that Demi had to convince me of and I grabbed my hand over it,” said FC Schalke’s sporting director unequivocally.


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