Home science Multitasking: This is how the mask trend works

Multitasking: This is how the mask trend works

Multitasking: This is how the mask trend works

Many beauty products claim to be the best for your face. Truth: nothing mask It can meet all needs in one go.

This is why your face needs to multitask

Every part of your face needs special attention. That’s how fat they are t zoneThat is, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe forehead, nose, as well as the chin faster, as for the cheeks, they dry out, and the skin around the eyes begins to form the first small wrinkles from a certain age. It doesn’t look like the mask will do that on its own, does it? No, so does. That’s why there is multitasking.

This is how multitasking works

With multiple masks, different masks are applied at the same time – each one perfectly tailored to the area to be cared for. For example, you can resist greasing your T-zone with a peel-off mask. Cleanses pores and soothes the skin. Masks containing antibacterial ingredients such as Healing Earth and Dead Sea salt are especially suitable. While the forehead and nose are a little stronger peeling Can bear it, you’ll have to exfoliate the chin with a slightly gentler mask. Because the skin under the chin in particular is a little more sensitive.

You should also be careful with the cheeks. These are often drier than the rest of your face. Instead of peeling it off, you should tackle dryness with a nourishing hydrating mask. The area around the eyes is more sensitive than the cheeks – and thus is often overlooked when it comes to masks. With the multiple masks, you take care of your eye area with a specially designed eye mask. For example, the magazine “Bunte” advises the use of masks here Hyaluronic acidOr caffeine or cucumber extract, all three help prevent dark circles and wrinkles.

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What is the cost of multitasking?

That colorful clown face you conjured up seems pretty expensive, right? But it is not. Because you might use four masks, but the consumption is much lower thanks to the smaller batches.


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