Europa League: Bayer Europa League: He suffered a psychological blow in the last race of the league

After the defeat of the European League by Bergamo, only Bayer Leverkusen remained in the German League. Werkself needs to score points there quickly, even without injuring his key players.

Three defeats, two serious injuries – a week of forgetfulness left its mark on Bayer Leverkusen.

After the early Europa League final against Atalanta Bergamo, the third-placed Bundesliga player looked mentally ill – and that was still clearly heard the day after the Round of 16. “Everyone can be disappointed, but we’re still trying to move forward together. We went on a bike ride to clear our heads. We have to stand together,” coach Gerardo Siwan said on Friday. Bayer is already under pressure in the league duel between the club’s staff and VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday.

In the last boom of the Bundesliga season, the return to Champions League Be faithful. “Unfortunately, this is our last competition,” said midfielder Robert Andrich. “But I don’t want to think about it yet.” Because in addition to eliminating the most ripped Italians, the personal situation is very depressing. Key players Florian Werts and Jeremy Frimpong will be absent for the rest of the season anyway. Patrick Schick – still the second-best striker in the league with 20 goals – will also miss Sunday (5:30pm) with a calf injury.

weak in the end

Above all, Czech precision is sorely lacking at the moment. Despite the best chances, Bayer remained goalless against Bergamo, as they did in the 0-1 draw against 1. FC Cologne. “Score opportunities require calm and determination,” Seoane said. “It is positive that we are creating opportunities, and we have to work on effectiveness.”

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If that does not work out on Sunday and the current four-game streak continues without a win, there is a risk of falling out of the Champions League ranks. Even the entire European Cup qualifiers will gradually be jeopardized. This is unimaginable despite the high demands of Leverkusen. Because last week has an effect.

Deep frustration

Defender Jonathan Tah described the finish against Bergamo and the past few days as “extremely disappointing”. Andrech reprimanded: “I am very upset and I am very upset.” End of the season for Wirtz (cruciate ligament rupture) and Frimpong (rupture syndrome), but also yearning for Schick’s return is a mental burden as well.

“As a team we think about them and feel about them, we have to keep our focus and get rid of it very quickly,” Tah said. Because Bayer was also under pressure in the league due to the bankruptcy of the derby against Cologne. Given the lead by just one point over three catchers, the goal of the season, qualification for the Champions League, is in grave danger.


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