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PS4 Sale Might Get You PlayStation 5

PS4 Sale Might Get You PlayStation 5

If you have a PS4 at home and no longer need it, selling it on eBay could give you a PS5. The shopping platform has started a competition in cooperation with PlayStation.

PS5 is still in short supply. And the According to the latest expectations There will be no change in the mode of delivery, at least in the coming months, as the necessary semiconductors and chips cannot be produced fast enough.

However, from time to time, interested parties can enter a contest and, with a lot of luck, get one of the coveted new generation consoles. This contest was recently launched by eBay and will run until February 27, 2022.

You should sell your PS4

However, there is an edge in the competition: With a bit of luck, only eBay customers selling PS4 on the platform can win a PS5 during this period – either the Standard model or the Pro version.

Since this is a competition, and so very few participants will actually keep a PS5 in their hands in the end, it would of course be unwise to sell a PS4 still in use due to the PS5 shortage. If you trust your luck too much, you may end up with no console at all.

eBay also writes in this context: “Do you have a PlayStation 4 at home that you no longer use? Sell it on eBay, and with a bit of luck, win a PS5 bundle!”

Each week, participants can win a PS5 bundle consisting of a PlayStation 5, a DualSense controller, a Pulse 3D headset, a DualSense charging station, a media remote control, an HD camera, and two existing games.

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So, if you still have a PS4 lying around that has probably been dormant for several months, the promotion is sure to pay off – at least if you agree with the prices achieved on eBay. eBay GmbH is the official organizer of the competition. The promotion will also be announced on the official PlayStation website. Here are other links:

The PS5 was launched at the end of 2020 and found plenty of buyers despite production bottlenecks. Sony recently announced 17.3 million births Famous. Microsoft, on the other hand, remains silent. However, analysts believe that the proven base of About 10 million Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. be realistic.

Back to the eBay Show: What do you think of contests like this due to the still tense delivery situation?

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