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Deathloop: PS5 exclusive until September 2022

Deathloop: PS5 exclusive until September 2022

From Julius Cal
The latest Deathloop trailer indicates that the Playstation exclusivity for the game will end on September 14, 2022. One day after this date, it is theoretically possible to play other consoles in addition to PC. However, it remains to be seen when Deathloop will actually hit Xbox systems.

Deathloop by Arkane Studios is an interesting mix that combines some components from games like Dishonored and Overwatch. The release is now scheduled for September 14, 2021. Deathloop will initially appear only for the Playstation 5, although the development studio Arkane Studios is an official part of Microsoft. ZeniMax Media was only acquired after Sony acquired the exclusive rights to games like Deathloop or GhostWire: Tokyo.

Deathloop: One year of exclusives for Playstation 5

From the current trailer for the game, it can now be seen when the Playstation 5 exclusivity will end. The Deathloop is said to be available exclusively for Sony systems for an entire year. The developer and publisher studio are free to publish the game for Xbox Series X/S or PC. It also seems very likely that there will be a second release here. However, it is doubtful whether the release will happen directly on September 15, 2022 or not until later.

The publisher can wait and see how well the game is received by the community and press. Sales figures, which are referenced to check whether the second edition, including all marketing costs, will be useful, will certainly be closely scrutinized. However, it seems very likely that Deathloop will also appear for Xbox or PC.

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