Apple says goodbye to the Lightning connector
Charging sockets in electronic devices

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Apparently, Apple just doesn’t want to participate Iphonebut also with peripherals such as keyboardThe Magic Mouseto me MagSafe Charger So are his headphones AirPods from the property Lightning– Say goodbye to calling and tap instead USB-C . port put. This is what the highly accurate analyst says Ming Chi Kuo Forward on Twitter. According to Koo, this will happen in the “foreseeable future”, although the analyst did not give a specific date.

Kuo had previously predicted that iPhones would be launched 2023 It will come with USB-C instead of the Lightning connector. It was recently said that Apple is already testing iPhones with USB-C connectivity.

organizational pressure

with the latest IPADmodels and MacBook Apple has already made the transition to USB-C. The transition to USB-C, which has established itself as a charging standard, is likely to be accompanied by regulatory requirements European Union being related, says engadget. In order to avoid electronic waste, the European Union probably would like to Not in 2024 Delegating USB-C as the unified standard for charging and data transmission for portable electronic devices.

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