Oberliga Niederrhein: Spuck-Eklat gegen ETB-Trainer - Bocholt schmeißt Zuschauer raus

In the Oberliga match between 1. FC Bocholt and ETB Schwarz-Weiß Essen, there were reportedly unpleasant incidents against guest coach Swat Tokat. Hosts respond.

Actually he had 1 FC Bocholt Every reason to be happy on a Sunday afternoon. In the best of weather, the Lower Rhine Oberliga defeated the ETB black and white food 3:1 (1:1) and took another step toward promotion to the Western Region League.

However, according to both clubs, the match was overshadowed by unpleasant scenes. ETB coach swat tokat Spectators are said to have spat on him, and racist remarks are said to have been made in the stands. Bocholters responded immediately and posted a statement Sunday evening. Things have happened “that 1. FC Bocholt cannot and will not tolerate it,” the club wrote with the aim of accidents.

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She added that the consequences were reached immediately. Two spectators were positively identified and expelled from the stadium. “We will continue to punish this without exception in the future,” the club said. FCB stands for Respected Global Collaboration, and there is no place for racism and anti-social behaviour. The hosts apologized: “The behavior of the individuals does not in any way represent the values ​​of 1. FC Bocholt or the vast majority of our supporters!”

ETB coach Tokat spoke of a “hot match with a lot of passion” after his team’s defeat. “It’s all part of it and that’s why we love football. But when I get spit by some spectators behind me, these are things where boundaries are crossed. This is a taboo and should not happen.”

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ETB coach praises team despite defeat

But the coach was satisfied with his team’s performance. “We ended up with zero points, but we played a great match. I can only take my hat off to my boys.” In the second half, Essen pitted the first team with a score of 1: 1, but then the pressure became too much. Bocholt took a penalty and increased it to 3-1 in overtime.

1. FC thus consolidated first place in the table. The lead on SSVg Velbert is four points. Stalker played one game less. On the last day of the match there is a direct duel. ETB is ranked penultimate in the Ascent Round.


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