Home entertainment “Pee standing up”: Lina Jerke is ridiculed

“Pee standing up”: Lina Jerke is ridiculed

“Pee standing up”: Lina Jerke is ridiculed

“Pee standing up”
Lena Gercke is ridiculed

It’s hot wherever Lena Gercke is. That is why she is only wearing a pink mini dress while looking over her shoulder at the camera in front of palm trees and cacti. But the situation is not helpful. A colleague notices this, too.

The weather report says it’s raining all week in Ibiza. With temperatures between 25 and 27 degrees, it’s still at least warm. So warm that Lena Jerky threw herself in a pink mini dress on the Balearic Island.

The 33-year-old wrote of a series of snapshots she has tagged “Ibiza, Spain” showing in said outfit: “The dress I couldn’t wear in Berlin.” Gercke stands in front of a bed surrounded by a fence in which, among other things, palm trees and cacti have been planted.

The first picture in particular attracts attention. Taken from the back from the side, it shows Gercke’s back almost bare. The model rests her head on her shoulder and looks closely at the camera. On the other hand, Jerky held his hands in front of him.

swipe from Thore Schölermann

“Cool” or “You look cool” is the number of users who praise the recordings. But presenter Thor Schullermann can’t help but joke about the 2006 winner of “The Next German Supermodel”.

Lena Jerky (sic!) Pee standing up… Wtf! ‘, he left as a note in the comment column. Gercke might forgive him for actually misspelling her name. That, of all people, as a longtime colleague of ‘The Voice in Germany’ this humorous scroll, but could still cause a need To speak between the two.

Of course, Schulermann is not entirely wrong. It’s as if Gercke is comforting himself in the situation. But let’s not talk about it, but let’s rush to the innocuous comment of another follower: “I love the dress.” But really now.

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