Home entertainment Love Island 2021 (RTL2): The winning couple has been decided – do the two winners share €50,000?

Love Island 2021 (RTL2): The winning couple has been decided – do the two winners share €50,000?

Love Island 2021 (RTL2): The winning couple has been decided – do the two winners share €50,000?

Martin, Andrina, Robin, Isabel, Dominic, Hayek, Jenny and Dennis (from left) fight for the victory of ‘Love Island’

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The Grand Final of “Love Island” is over. Which couple won this year and was the €50,000 shared? Find it here.

Update from September 28, 6:12 a.m.: Now it is confirmed! Isabelle and Robin are the winning pair this season. But they didn’t really believe it. “I am completely upset. Isabelle said. Robin was surprised, too. “I’m doing really well, but I’m also kind of in shock. I can’t even realize it and don’t know what to say!”

It was Isabel who pulled the envelope with a profit of 50 thousand euros. Curator Sylvie Mays wanted to know if she was sharing it with Robin. The obvious answer: “We made the trip here together and we won together too. You don’t have to think about that. I’ll share the money for sure!”

‘Love Island’ 2021: Final Couples Determined – Who Will Win the RTL2 Show?

First report from September 27, 2021:

Mallorca – No one was qualified in the semi-finals of RTL2’s hit ‘Love Island’ last Sunday – instead, all eight nominees made it to the final. Dennis, Jennifer, Dominic, Hayek, Robin and Isabel as well as Andrina and Martin battle it out for the show’s victory and the €50,000 winner’s reward. But which couple will win ‘Love Island’?

“Love Island” (RTL2): According to previous participants, the couple should win the show

Many candidates had to leave the show – these are the rules. But what do the former islanders think of the current spouses – who give victory? In an interview with the portal Proflash “Most of all I give Andrina and Martin the victory simply because they showed me what ‘Island of Love’ means and that you can really find your love there,” Franzi confirmed. She would also give her a chance to Robin and Isabelle, as she wishes the couple worked out and the relationship off the show. Former participant Jess also sees the former Swiss Bachelorette as far ahead.

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‘Love Island’: These couples have a great chance of winning

Friendships also developed between the candidates. Jannik doesn’t want to commit to a couple – he can’t decide who deserves to win. “Everyone deserves it just as much,” the former islander said in an interview. Mo keeps his fingers crossed for his friend Martin.

Andrina and Martin or Robin and Isabel? It’s also a tough decision for Angelina, because she trusts that both spouses are meant to work – because everything is going well between them. But Angelina also thinks the show has a lot more to offer than just a win. “But of course the biggest benefit is when you find someone to work with!” Michael is sure and thinks it’s up to Robin and Isabel to win. “Isabelle is a good woman and a really authentic Robin. He would have had the opportunity to have many women and he always stayed with Isabel!” continued the former interviewer.

You can see which of the pair will really win the show tonight in the “Love Island” grand finale from 10:15 PM on RTL2.


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