This body can be seen! Heidi Klum (48 years old) once again proved to her Instagram followers that her figure is still gorgeous. In the photo the mom of four last shared, you can see Heidi getting ready in sexy lingerie for her husband Tom Kaulitz (32). The GNTM judge commented on the posting with just two words: “Date Night.” By this, she indicates that she and her two lovers were allowed to enjoy an evening in an intimate relationship.

The photo was apparently taken in a hotel room in Berlin. Heidi Klum, Tom Kaulitz and his twin brother Bill Kaulitz (32 years old) lived in the German capital for several days. Recently, the guys of “Tokyo Hotel” celebrated the release of their new single “Here Comes The Night” there, and of course the band members Gustav Schäfer (33) and Georg List (34) could not be missed.

In the video above, Heidi Klum talks slippery details about Tom Kaulitz.

Heidi Klum shows off her talent on the football field

As part of her journey, Heidi Klum has not only shown off her amazing body but also her talent as a soccer player! Another post on Instagram shows how the 48-year-old skillfully dropped the ball into the net. The goalkeeper was none other than her husband Tom Kaulitz, who was then only able to pull a football out of the gate in disbelief, while his wife, Heidi, cheered like a pro.

Shooting “Germany’s Next Top Model”

A year ago, Heidi Klum, her husband and son-in-law Bill Kaulitz and their children Lenny (17), Henry (16), Johann (14) and Lou (12) had been in Berlin for several weeks. Where the movie “Germans Next Top Model” was filmed. It is not yet known when Heidi will choose the most beautiful “girls” for the next season. But the search for young models usually begins in late fall.

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