Home entertainment Valentina Bahdi fans think: “Rurik is a great photographer”

Valentina Bahdi fans think: “Rurik is a great photographer”

Valentina Bahdi fans think: “Rurik is a great photographer”


27. April 2022 – 21:45 hour

The guessing game continues: Who takes pictures of “GZSZ” star Valentina Bahdi (27) in Iceland? Your fans have always been sure that “Let’s Dance” winner Rúrik Gíslason (34) puts his fingers on the trigger. Beautiful shots of Iceland trip can be seen in the video.

Instagram users ask: “Rurik, show yourself”

Valentina is currently vacationing in “Rurikland”, and her fans are sure of this. Her latest Instagram post caused quite a stir among her followers, although the 27-year-old also confuses the lack of a placemark and the photographer’s credit.

However, one user suspected that he had learned about the exact location of the TV beauty, ie “Seljalandsfoss in Iceland”. And any former professional footballer from Iceland? That’s right, Rurik! Therefore, it is of course obvious to assume that the beauty of television travels with it. “A really nice house owned by Rurik,” adds another subscriber.

When followers asked him about Rurik’s whereabouts, another fan replied: Someone had to take the photo. And soon after the Iceland post went online, the comments included the request: “Rurik, show yourself!”

Intertwined love: are they or not?

First, they must have been a couple, then they broke up and eventually found each other again: Valentina and Rick have been making a lot of headlines for their confusion in love in the past few months.

But even if they haven’t made their relationship official yet, they are said to live together in Berlin. An insider disclosed this to RTL. However, it seems that their fans have to wait in vain for a couple of photos. (sfi)

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