John Travolta and Bruce Willis: Joint Shooting After 27 Years of 'Pulp Fiction'

In “Paradise City,” according to “Deadline,” Willis plays a bounty hunter who has to work his way through the Hawaiian underworld to avenge his father’s killer. Travolta played this killer. The main female role was played by Thai actress Praia Lundberg. The director is Chuck Russell, who was formerly responsible for “The Mask” and “The Scorpion King,” among others.

For Willis, his busy time continues smoothly: There are seven strange movies with him ready for this year and the year after. On the one hand, Travolta was much lower in front of the camera, and more recently he was only seen on TV in the series “Die Hart”.

Technically, this is the fourth joint movie

In 1994, “Pulp Fiction” marked a turning point in the careers of both actors. Not only did the episode win the Palme d’Or and grossed $ 214 million worldwide. For Travolta, the movie heralded a big comeback after its successes in the late 1970s and early 1980s, while Welles was able to show aspects of himself other than the action hero for the first time.

Although the two are seen simultaneously in one scene for the first time under the direction of Quentin Tarantino, “Paradise City” is technically their fourth film together. In the family comedy Look Who’s Talking and its sequel, Bruce Willis talks to baby Mickey, who is communicating with Daddy’s father James (Travolta).

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