Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer: New trouble due to TV show

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen in November 2019 on the TV Show “Schlagerbooom”.

© Imago / Sven Simon

A planned television event, which must be seen by Florian Silberriesen and Helen Fischer, is causing the dismay of the Schlagger scientist.

Munich – It sounds so nice to the fans! Florian Silberriesen and Helen Fisher reunited on the TV show. On June 5th, ARD includes “Schlagercountdown” in the program. The best time is on the air is Saturday evening at 8.15pm. The mediator is called Florian Celibirisen. Guests: Andreas Gaballier, Andrea Berg, Andy Borg, Roland Kaiser, Ross Anthony, Helen Fisher and many others. Daserste.de To read. The finest of the finest!

Florian Silbereisen on ARD Show: Helene Fischer Announced as Guest – But It’s Not A Live Show At All

You have to look carefully to expose the whole thing as a hoax. The subtitle of the show is “It’ll be like this again soon”. The description reads: “Florian Silbereisen begins the countdown to when millions of fans can celebrate the event again.” However, it has not been confirmed that it is not a live show. But that’s exactly what became apparent recently when the show’s name was changed.

MDR reported on request Derwesten.de About this: “The big live show originally planned with Florian Silbereisen on June 5th. Should be canceled shortly for personal reasons for the producer and the author. However, Florian Silbereisen offers various evening music entertainment on“ Schlagercountdown – This Will Be Again Soon ”and guarantees Reunited with many artists on TV. “

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Florian Silbereisen on ARD Show: Fans Outraged Over Unclear Information! Is all this just canned food?

This is on Daserste.de This is not made clear, but at most by implication that the Saturday evening show has to be a canned assembly that causes outrage among fans. Someone complained on the official homepage: “I wonder why one has been made to think this is a live show and a new show.” “I think this show has been canceled? Why leave the viewer to believe until the end that the broadcast is taking place and not just a compilation of the best of what is being shown?”

What really happens, your viewers will probably only discover it in front of the TV. Silbereisen is very likely to introduce at least old appearances with new players. Maybe Florian Silberriesen was already able to beat Helen Fisher for new recordings to be aired next?

“If that was the case – Chapeau, that would be great because it’s still so rare,” the editorial team wrote at Schlager’s blog Schlagerprofis.de. And don’t really believe in it. “The likelihood that the entire Schlager fans will be deceived is greater. We would love to learn better.” When Helen Fischer and Florian meet on TV, the tears tend to flow. (Lynn)


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