GNTM: Nominees Revealed - Details Surprised

GNTM enters a new round! Meanwhile, not only was the start date of the new season known, but there was also a first look at the candidates. This astounded the masses.

  • The show “Germany’s Next Top Model” has been going on for 16 years.
  • After heavy criticism, the show wanted to start with a new image last year.
  • The first pictures of the new season have just appeared on Instagram.

GNTM: Big changes to the concept of the show

At GNTM or “The Next German Supermodel”, everything has always followed the same pattern for a long time: Too young, too skinny girls fighting for weeks at photoshoots and catwalk jobs. victory in the show, accompanied by Heidi Klum. But last year “ProSieben” announced that from now on Everything will be different He is said to be present at the Actors Show, which has repeatedly drawn criticism since its existence. “Diversity” has been the show’s mantra ever since, and last year there were a few nominees on the show who might not have made the top 15 before. Looks like Heidi and her team are leaving this year One more step with their project – And the fans are already excited.

GNTM: A surprise in the final

Last season, Heidi got really serious from the start: Among the shortlisted candidates plus size model, One deaf model And some “girls” like Heidi herself Much smaller than most successful models be. In the end, transgender candidate Alex Maria Peter won the show, while curvy model Dasha reached the finals. It wasn’t just a flash in the pan to the show’s creators that they actually planned their show It should be more diverse, also shows the first poster of the show released today (January 12). Because it looks like this Very different from all of them before – At least a couple crucial details With Regards.

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GNTM: No one expected that

Because it has now appeared on the official Instagram account of the show First picture of the new season employment. Traditionally, Heidi sees her surrounded by her candidates and nothing has changed this year either. The archetypal mother is the shining star in the middle who confidently stands before the offspring. But besides the fact that the models Just very discreet or not at all made up One thing that stands out above all else: Also when it comes to the age of her nominees, it looks like Heidi and her team will be this year To count on more variety. Short research confirms that: filter Leslot is 66 years old, they Barbara’s competitor Even Already 68! From “Heidis M├Ądchen” can this year Absolutely no more talk Being. Let’s see what innovations Heidi and her team will surprise us with in the coming weeks. Fortunately, there are only a few weeks left until the season begins on February 3.

source used: Instagram


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