The bachelor begins to meditate: kisses, envy and teasing

The bachelor begins to think
Kisses, envy and mockery

Written by Kay Patrick

Anna gets her first date overnight, Jana Maria is busy spinning threads and the “bachelorette” isn’t quite sure about handing the roses any longer: A week before mom meets at home, the ladies run the sentiment index again.

In order to allow more closeness and show the remaining ladies how nice it is to live far away, the bachelor invites you to the fun of a wonderful “luxury camp”. On a secluded beach, the last waves must soften and the final path to the future of love must be determined. Two perfectly round five-star tents serve as dens for polluting and courtship – at least that’s the idea. Chiara is already very excited: “Dominic is Snow White and we are the Seven Dwarfs!” The hairstylist laughed from Cologne.

A bachelor, seven single women and two luxurious tents.

A bachelor, seven single women and two luxurious tents.

(Photo: RTL)

In the courtship paradise, two additional dates should ensure greater clarity among the attendees. A lively group date on the high seas with the ladies Nellie, Francesca, Emily and Christina plus a double date with Chiara and Anna fuels various types of jealousy small and big. The camaraderie between Anna and Nellie must overcome mounting obstacles. Kiara somehow feels “rejected”. Francesca wasn’t sure for a long time if she still “played a role” in planning her bachelor’s degree. And the one that annoys everyone present the most is Jana Maria.

Neil and Anna’s friendship is being tested

“Jana Maria always needs an extra invite, don’t believe!” Neil, who suffers the most on the day of Kiara and Anna’s double dating, shivers. Reason: his girlfriend Anna stays away not only in the afternoon, but also all night: “We are very close, but I don’t know how to be happy for her in this situation,” Nellie gasped.

Anna doesn’t notice anything about the emotional regression in the love camp. The brunette from Hamburg enjoys her “you’re welcome to stay a little longer” on her date quest to the fullest. As Chiara leaves Dannen, frustrated and aiming to “sleep” over her upcoming birthday, Anna plunges into the much-anticipated togetherness. After a somewhat bumpy start (“You, I have a best friend in the house I trust with everything and wouldn’t trade in for any relationship, no matter how great”) Anna and singularity kiss in the lukewarm pool like there’s no tomorrow.

“We really enjoyed it”

Jana Maria teases rival Anna - Source RTL.jpg

Jana Maria makes fun of her rival Anna.

(Photo: RTL)

Twelve hours later, Anna and Dominic assess the rich breakfast table: “We really enjoyed it,” Anna Greens said. “I’m really tired, but I’m also very happy,” concludes The Bachelor. As expected, the seemingly deeper relationship between Anna and Dominic causes resentment and long faces on the beach. But the drops have not yet been absorbed, thinks Jana Maria, who is “very disappointed” but still “ready to fight.” After dating a turtle with a high percentage, the lonely diligent fighter pours fuel into the fires of rumour. “I can’t stand it when others laugh at you,” Jana Maria whispered in the Bachelorette’s ear.

This means Anna, who has to put her hand in front of her mouth every time the bachelor spews out his somewhat awkward dance moves. On the evening of decision day, he drives unsuspecting bachelor Anna down the slippery slope and checks out the “insane level” of the supposed favorite. During the stage dance, Anna is shy and avoids the situation. Dominic arches his eyebrows together: “I don’t like it when you laugh at him. I was so upset with Anna today,” the Bachelorette grumbled.

Emily and Francesca are eliminated

Riding an emotional rollercoaster had no effect on awarding roses. Emily and Francesca are way too dangerously far behind for Anna. But thanks to the mockery directed at Jana Maria, the bachelor began to think more and more. Is “Serious” Anna Really the Right Woman for Him? Or does “crazy” Jana Maria have the edge in the end? Maybe Dominic’s mother brings some light in the dark. In the next episode, the door opens to get to know each other for the first time.

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