In a good mood on the go – Eaxus Noise Canceling Headphones

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It is equipped Eaxus Bluetooth Headphones with ANC for €39.99 instead of €99.99 with Bluetooth version 5.0So you can pair it with all possible devices (Android, iOS, Windows). Smartphones, tablets, computers and game consoles – Ambient sound on all channels is supported!

about brutal The buttons on the headphones You can control all the features: adjust the volume, change or pause the song, answer calls. Just leave your phone in your pocket.

the Active noise canceling technology (ANC) digitally reduces ambient noise. Microphones measure disturbing noises from the environment. The internal circuitry then generates a tone that fades in the frequency range from 40 to 600 Hz, enabling an optimal audio experience. You can turn the ANC function on and off using the slider on the side of the Bluetooth headset

Over-ear headphones have a powerful look Li-ion battery 400 mAh, allowing up to 16 hours of playtime on a full charge.

To charge, connect it to a free interface on PC, external socket adapter or power bank. If the battery is empty, you can also use a file 3.5 mm jack connector Use the supplied AUX cable. This means that devices that do not have Bluetooth functionality, such as the Nintendo Switch, can also be connected.

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