Home Economy Is the train show at Aldi really worth it?

Is the train show at Aldi really worth it?

Is the train show at Aldi really worth it?

Anyone who uses Deutsche Bahn often knows that it can be expensive. Without a Bahncard, €100 is quickly paid per route. Aldi’s current rail offer looks even more tempting: two trips for less than 50 euros. But is the deal really worth it? What are the catches? The travel writer took a look at it.

Summer vacation is over everywhere and the fall rut begins. Most holidays are now a thing of the past and the trains are empty again. In order not to stay that way, Deutsche Bahn (again) has created something and launched a new offer in collaboration with Aldi: two second class rides for €49.90 available since Monday, September 20, both at Aldi Sud and Aldi Nord for purchase. Tours can be taken from 27 September to 11 December. to be replaced. So, at first glance, this is a tempting offer.

How can I redeem tickets?

The ticket can be simply requested at the cash desk, then customers receive two booking tokens for two single trips in long-distance transportation within Germany. These codes can be redeemed on the online promotion page by entering the reservation code and selecting the desired contact. Customers then get the ticket as a PDF and in the DB app. But be careful: you can’t get a refund for every connection…

Is there a trick?

Definitely for everyone who wants to go on Friday. Because Friday flights themselves are excluded from the offer. This is due to the fact that the Aldi campaign mainly wants to fill underutilized trains and that Friday is a frequent travel day. That is why there is another limitation: tickets are also not valid for relatively fully booked trains. So if you want to drive on a certain weekend, you might be out of luck when in doubt.

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In addition, the same conditions apply to tickets as for Super Saver fare tickets: the ticket cannot be canceled and is linked to the train. This means that customers have to decide on a particular train when booking and the ticket is only valid for that connection. If the plan changes in a short time, the ticket will expire.

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Conclusion: is an Aldi train ticket worthwhile?

The show is worthwhile for everyone who can already estimate that they will have to travel a lot by train in the coming weeks anyway and who can also avoid Friday. For many transportation, tickets are much cheaper than the train fare. However, if you want to use tickets for a special weekend, you should think carefully in advance whether it makes sense to book a reduced rate or, if necessary, use alternative transportation such as Flixtrain or the long-distance bus.



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