Home Economy Pregnant with a weight thrown at Aldi because of a mask

Pregnant with a weight thrown at Aldi because of a mask

Pregnant with a weight thrown at Aldi because of a mask
Aldy branch supermarket for customers
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According to a customer, Aldi employees are said to have kicked a pregnant woman in her place from the discount store. This scandal is caused by the confusion of the mask.

Aldi’s mask requirement has now caused a real scandal. Because the severely pregnant client is said to have been fired by the opponent.

Mask confusion becomes deadly

The various regulations regarding the obligation to wear a mask always cause confusion. It is clear that the mask must be worn in the supermarket and reservation. But which one is correct? Because hygiene measures and mask rules are different everywhere and are not uniform.

However, the regulations don’t just differ from state to state. Even within individual retail chains, deviations and other valid rules are possible. This chaos often confuses customers. This was now apparently fatal for an overweight pregnant woman.

Repeated customer rejection

In fact, it turns out that customers are frequently rejected. They can no longer shop at the supermarket or discount because they are wearing the wrong mask. In the state of Baden-Württemberg, FFP2 masks must be worn in many regions. But a pregnant Aldi customer is said to have been kicked out of the discount store in Mannheim.

The customer explained on Aldi’s Facebook page: “I was just fired from Aldi in Mannheim when I was very pregnant because I wasn’t wearing an FFP2 mask. Overall, I found the handling of the situation questionable, but the situation was being handled by your staff without any sense of proportion.. To be honest, I can’t find the words.”

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“Regardless of losses” – actions carried out

The customer demanded more humanity from Aldi: “According to the employee, you can’t make an exception because of everything. However, the 39th week of pregnancy really can’t be ignored and pregnancy – especially towards the end – can be difficult is nothing new. I hope more From humanity in the future again!”

At Aldi-Süd there are currently similar complaints from customers. Recently, a customer on a Facebook page complained that his father, an elderly man, had been “excommunicated” because he wanted to shop without an FFP2 mask. Not all customers besides affected. Many users also defend Aldi’s behavior and point out the local dealer’s rights.

Aldi commented on the complaint as follows: “If we have been tough with you of course we are very sorry. However, we are bound by current legal decisions and we have to implement them on site. Since (…) wearing an FFP2 or similar mask is mandatory in BW, our employees must also implement that. “


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