Multiplayer beta issues may cause a 'slight shift' •

The start of the multiplayer beta may be delayed, community manager Brian Garrard explains.

Halo Infinite multiplayer beta may be postponed again. In fact, this should start throughout the day, 343 Industries explains, but currently there are still “brand new issues” in multiplayer, which may delay the whole thing.

It should be ready on September 23: The plan was to launch the multiplayer beta today. Like Community Manager Brian Garrard on a live broadcast mentioned, but there appears to be a “small shift” in the table.

More precisely, she says on his part, “We hope this flight takes off very soon. This may or may not happen. We may think of a time difference. We’re not quite sure. When the time comes, we will,” Grad said.

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He goes on to say: “There could be a slight shift in our schedule and if that is the case, we should have more clarity on it in the near future. Right now the teams are working very hard – we’re still making progress, but we’re kind of stuck due to some issues. The suffix we found during the release process”.

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It is still unclear when the multiplayer beta of the highly anticipated sci-fi shooter will be released. In a tweet after the live broadcast, Grad again states when he can start and explains: “Departure dates are not known yet because the work is not yet complete.”

We have the originally planned beta times here for you, even if some things can be changed now. For all those waiting for the hot coals, we can only hope that the multiplayer test doesn’t go too far.


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