Nintendo Switch: Genshin Impact release date may be delayed
Nintendo Switch

The popular role-playing game Genshin Impact will also be released for the Nintendo Switch, but the developers may delay the release date.

Genshin Impact also comes to the Nintendo Switch.

Genshin Impact also comes to the Nintendo Switch. (Source: Mihoyo)

  • Genshin Impact also comes to the Nintendo Switch.
  • The adapter version is already under development.

Free RPG Genshin Impact is very popular right now and is available on PS4, PC and Smartphone. Developer Mihoyo has also confirmed the switch for the Nintendo Switch.

This version for the Nintendo console is already in development, says Sam Lai of Mihoyo’s Communications Department in an interview with the role-playing blog. RPG site. Information about the beta start and release date will follow at a later date.

Trailer Switch zu Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Leaker Comments by the “Genshin Report” On Twitter Now to issue a switch version. There have been delays due to the alleged “soft hardware”, but the release is likely to take place during 2021. There may have been an internal shift in the release date, but fans can still look to the next few months with optimism.

Genshin Impact is already available for the PS5

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