Israel: a Palestinian donate a kidney from a murdered Israeli

at Israel Relatives of a Jew who was murdered in the Middle East donated a kidney to a Palestinian woman. Yigal Yehoshua, 56, was seriously injured on May 11 after a mob attacked him in Lod, Israel. American News Channel Reports CNN. A father of two was severely injured in the head that he fought for his life for about a week and succumbed to his injuries on Monday.

It is now announced that Yehoshua decided to donate his organs while he was still alive. His family complied. While one kidney and a lung were given to Jews, the second kidney was handed over to Randa Aweys, a 58-year-old Palestinian who had waited seven years to obtain a donor organ. It was only after the operation that I found out who was the donor.

Yehoshua’s brother Evie said, according to CNN, that his brother believes in the peaceful coexistence of religions. “I always said everything would be fine,” he said at the funeral.

Abed Halila, head of the transplant department at Hadassah Medical Center, gave the Israeli newspaper a classification of the donated kidneys.The Times of Israel“As a” symbol of hope “:” I wish all of us there would be peace and quiet – and in good health. “

“We are now a family”

A die transplant at Hadassah Medical Center at Jerusalem It looks like it went without such complications hospital Notify. Awais has already offered her regards and condolences to the family of her life-saver from the hospital.

“We are a family now,” she toldThe Times of Israel«. “The Jewish College is now part of me.” A mother of five, a Christian, hopes for peace between Jews and Arabs.

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The daughter of the recipient of the organ contacted the people of the area in the newspaper.The Times of IsraelTo comprehend the “simple message” of this gesture. She said, “There are no Arabs or Jews. We are all human and we have to live together.” According to the report, her family was also hoping to meet Yehoshua’s relatives.


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