'miss.pinny' in 'The Lion's Den' 2021: Will we soon find an apron in every kitchen?

Die Höhle der Löwen starts a new round as we sit excitedly in front of the TV. The show on Vox is very exciting and gives us great inspiration. Today, among other things, “miss.pinny” offers from Nuremberg itself. But what exactly is the idea behind it?

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This makes ‘miss.pinny’ so unique

Lydia Walter (35 years old) is a fashion designer, tailor and product developer. She designs her own costumes under her stage name MILA CARDI, which she sells in her boutique in Nuremberg and in the online store. In addition to her own collection, the 35-year-old has designed a stylish and functional yard for the home and catering sector. The fabric is water and dirt repellent, so your product should be more flexible and durable than traditional cotton aprons. Due to the special surface characteristics, the apron can simply be wiped if it is dirty and does not need to be put into the washing machine immediately. Its design makes it possible to wear the apron with all clothes and the built-in kangaroo pocket with slots on both sides means work tools such as a pad, pen or mobile phone can be stowed easily and everything is ready to hand.

Can “miss.pinny” impress lions?

In order for founder Lydia Walter to start miss.pinny, she needs an investment of 50,000 euros and is offering 15 percent of her company’s shares. Do you convince the black? Tonight, day April 19 at 8:15 p.m. on Vox You will find out!

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The sources used: vox.de


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