Kathy Hummels can be seen here during one of her most recent Instagram shots.

Kathy Hummels can be seen here during one of her most recent Instagram shots.

Instagram / Kathy Hummels

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Emki Gerets

For the past few days, Kathy Hummels has worked on the RTL II Fortmat “Love Island”. In the grand finale, she was a guest at the villa located on the sunny island of Mallorca. There she met Sylvie Mays and presented her with the long-awaited voting results. Kathy also posted a photo of her dress for the special evening on Instagram and surprisingly revealed that Mats Hummels has also taken an interest in its design.

To remember: For weeks, there has been wild speculation that Kathy and the BVB footballer should no longer be a couple after 15 years. So far, they have not responded publicly to the reports regarding their alleged separation. What is certain, however, is that Mats has been under contract with Borussia Dortmund since 2019 and therefore also lives in the Ruhr region. Cathy stayed in Munich. Now is the time to go to Dortmund again.

Kathy Hummels looks forward to her son Ludwig

On her Instagram story, the entrepreneur and influencer spoke with her more than 640 thousand followers. After recording a podcast about depression for NDR, she filmed her story shortly before her next yoga session. She finally said: “Today I’ve been working really hard. Tomorrow I’m going to Dortmund. I’m really looking forward to Ludwig, you can’t imagine it. Although all mums can imagine.”

So her three-year-old son stayed with his father, Mats, in the Ruhr while Kathy was off work. Thinking of seeing her son again soon, the 33-year-old added, “I’m going to do another round of yoga and then I’ll have fun, relax, take a deep sleep today and then start tomorrow. Of course I’ll take you with me. The joy is so great. I think you can see it in my eyes, too.”

The influencer communicates with her fans

The influencer communicates with her fans

Photo: Instagram / Kathy Hummels

After promoting a sports brand, she definitely concluded: “Now I’m enjoying the calm before the storm. Tomorrow Lombe will come or I’ll go back to Lombe. I’m also looking forward to Dortmund, I haven’t been there for a long time.”



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