Cars comparison: this is why Wincent Weiss' first name starts with the letter W

Wincent Weiss, 28, removes the mystery surrounding his first name. The singer, known in Germany for songs such as “Who if not we” or “An Wunder”, made a trademark of his initials. On the covers of his albums there are usually two superimposed in a W shape. Many fans may think that he is with wincent With a W instead of the typical V it is an artist’s name. But that’s not the case: There’s a very specific reason why his name begins with the letter W.

In Schlag den Star, moderator Elton (50) owes the musician an apology. He falsely declared himself V in a social media post. Because of this, the TV star is now interested in why Wincents The first name begins with the letter W. “My mom just wanted the acronym not to be VW.”Then the 28-year-old shed light on the darkness. His parents wanted him to be saved by the comparison with the automaker Volkswagen.

In a previous interview, the former DSDS star actually revealed that a sentence often crossed his lips because of his name. He should always add the correct spelling. “Wincent Weiss with W”, so it belongs to its basic vocabulary.

Edin Hasanovic and Wincent Weiss

ProSieben / Stephen Z. Wolf

Edin Hasanovic and Wincent Weiss
Wincent Weiss, singer
Wincent Weiss, translator of “Music”
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